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  1. Yes there is! :-) I know this is an older post, but i've racked my brain over this same issue. I apologize if this has been answered already since i've not read through all the posts, but here's how i've got it to work: In your Evernote note (i'm using a MacBook): right click on windows or 2-finger tap on mac choose "convert note to pdf" the pdf is saved in your the Evernote notebook you are working in select the newly converted pdf so it's in your main Evernote window download it to your computer by clicking the download icon in the upper right corner open the pdf in Adobe Acrobat (or a viewer- I'm assuming it works in a pdf viewer but not sure) In the Adobe main menu bar: File --> Export to --> Microsoft Word Save as desired Viola! Evernote a la Word :-) Best
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