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  1. The notes were created on a single Android device. Evernote had been syncing during the week the notes were created. I had previously been able to access the notes and suddenly they disappeared. I'm not sure how I would access an activity log from months back for notes that have disappeared. If you have any ideas, let me know.
  2. I am traveling and usually only have access to my Android device. Isn't Evernote supposed to be the backup? The whole premise of the service is that it is a reliable and secure place to save your data which is backed up on the cloud and among various devices. If I have to exert so much effort to back up Evernote, why am I using it?
  3. Thank you very much for moving the post back I have good news.. I checked Evernote for Windows again and noticed that the corrupted note had somehow been saved in a different notebook than my other notes. I don't know how this happened. Once I located it I was able to use the note history feature and recover the note. However this still poses a problem for future usage: I use Evernote for its security and reliability. Now that this issue with note corruption has appeared, will I have to subscribe to a month of Premium membership ($8) every time this occurs in order to recover my lost
  4. I'm sorry, but nothing has been posted in the Android help forum for the last seven months. It seems to me my post is unlikely to be seen here, and this is not a question about Android, it's a question about missing notes. Do you move every technical support post on here to the forum about an operating system. Because if that's the case, I suspect there wouldn't be seven months since the last post. Are you trying to file my post away, so others don't see the bug I'm experiencing with the Evernote application? I need help!
  5. I've already opened a support ticket. As mentioned above, the note does not display at all in any location other than my Android device where it was created, and there it shows only an empty note with the heading 'Untitled Note'. On Evernote for Windows and Evernote Web the note is is not in the notes list at all. I had been adding text to this note all week and I assume it synced as my phone is always online, but it doesn't display.
  6. Last night, when I attempted to open a note on my Android device that I had been writing for the past week, the note would not open. Then a message appeared that I was trying to sync a corrupted note, and gave me two options to recover the note. I selected the option to send the note to Evernote for analysis. Then I was returned to the Evernote home screen, and the content of the note was totally erased. The note still showed in my note list, but all content and the heading of the note were empty, and a red exclamation mark icon was displayed in the top right of the note on the note list, wher
  7. In August of 2017 I searched Evernote on my Android device for a key word I had written recently in a note. However, the search gave no results. So I searched for other key words I had used, and also there were no results. Then I looked back over my recently saved notes and noticed that a week's worth of my notes were missing. I found that all my notes from 8/4/17 through 8/9/17 had disappeared. I checked on my Evernote Windows application and Evernote Web and the notes were missing there too. There were also no notes from that period in my trash. Does anyone have any idea how I can recov
  8. I have just noticed that all my notes for an entire week are missing, between 8-3-17 to 8-10-17. I have checked my trash folder and the desktop version of Evernote, and the notes are not there. The notes were made on the Android smartphone app (which is how I make all my notes). The Evernote app I am using is the latest version. Please help.
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