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  1. I use lots of Notes/Notebooks as shortcuts in my daily routine, the way that I'm using the Shortcuts is in a Separate Toolbar ("View" -> "Shortcuts" -> "Show as Separate Toolbar"). But unfortunately all of my main Notes/Notebooks don't fit there due to their name lenght and because of the quantity of them. The solution I found is to rename my Notes/Notebooks, but this causes some confusion, so I ask if you could create the option to Right Click the Notes/Notebooks in the Shortcuts and rename only their names in the toolbar, not their original names. Currently, the only option you have when you right click the shortcuts is "Remove from Shortcuts". Maybe you could create an option like "Rename Shortcut" or something like this. I've uploade a print to show my Shortcuts toolbar and the only option I have. Note all the abbreviations I need to use.
  2. Upvoted, this ideia of implementing a reading mode would totally benefit me a make Evernote more attractive to the public.
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