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  1. Nope. Not fixed. The only way for me to get around it is by changing the windows setting for my menu bar on the bottom of the page to disappear until I mouse over it to pop up again. I prefer to NOT use that Microsoft feature, as I prefer my taskbar to stay put, but that seems to be my only option
  2. Thank you gazumped...when I check for updates, it says there are no new updates available, and I recall getting an update within the last few weeks, so I believe I am at the most recent one. Thanks
  3. I am working with evernote, and have been for years. I am on a PC using Windows 10. When I fill the visible note I am working on, the note keeps entering text, but it runs below the end of the screen, and I cannot see what I am typing until I use the arrow down key or manually scroll dragging the slider bar down with the mouse. This is relatively new but very frustrating. Does anyone else experience this? Any solutions out there?
  4. I guess answer to your question would be that I didn't know there was an installed version. Clearly that would help and I will look into that. I have always used it online and in fact occasionally have problems loading it at all when I use chrome. I don't like Internet explorer but it seems to work better there. Thank you for the tip
  5. Thank you. I am on a PC using updated windows seven. Although I have the app on my iPhone I never use it there. Although I may have walked away from my PC without hitting save, I do that all the time at the auto save feature has never failed me before. Also oddly the note title still being intact in the first line of information was there and everything was time to the same time so it's confusing to me
  6. I did not check the box to be notified of replies, and it's not an option to go back and edit for that
  7. I started a single note yesterday, and types about a "screen" worth of critical content from a job interview on the phone. This morning, the note was titled still, and yet all text I wrote below the titls is gone. I even remember writing some summary information after my phone call,and spell checked the note too, so I know content was saved. What happened?? The quick help suggests checking trash, but since the note title is still there, I don't know how that would work, and I also honestly don't see a "trash" folder to check anywhere. Any suggestions?? Help!
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