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  1. Hello, posted here a note of your own with a photo, please tell me how it happened that the system put the English language in the OCR note, although the note reads Russian letters perfectly and the OCR option is set in the settings in English and Russian. Is it possible to set in the account setup only Russian language recognition
  2. Hello, but how can I see the recoindex of any other note? And yet, the settings indicate the language of recognition of Russian + English, maybe because of this, he saw the picture in English language? And how to make only Russian?
  3. I do not know how to save a note in .enex format. And further. If that, I do not use the evernote client for the computer. In the .enex format there is already in this thread.
  4. Yes, I have all the notes in Russian. I think it would not be logical for a Russian-speaking person to keep notes in another language.
  5. If some image was not recognized correctly, you will not do this with each image, especially if you do not know whether it recognized the image or not? It seems that all the conditions are met, but for some reason the image did not recognize it, and for some reason I'm sure what is with every third image, please tell me what's wrong?
  6. Do not quite understand what a recoindex. I so understand in recoindex at us results of the found symbols on a picture and possible variants are located. I understand the picture is unreadable. He did not read a single word and derived incomprehensible hieroglyphs RI].
  7. That's it is in my settings is the language of recognition of Russian + English, but not the whole document. And how does the process work and what did you prove? I do not understand what you wrote
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