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  1. Hi Team I use the sketch feature very regularly on Evernote (iOS). It is very frustrating to randomly discover that my sketches have gone missing. I’m reaching out in this forum to see if others have experience the same issues as I have. Hope you can help!
  2. Hi @rezecib May we get an update on code blocks (and bullet points) for the Web Client on Chrome? Is this actively being worked on? It is disappointing that a feature that was provided to us can be taken away. Much sadness :(
  3. Pretty sure you can replicate my issue if you use sketch enough. You''ll notice that as you draw, your palm obviously moves slightly and this may cause Evernote to "decide" on how the line is to be drawn. If I am conscious about my palm placement (i.e. when I'm drawing, I shouldn't move my palm too much), then the lines are drawn as expected.
  4. It looks like you have snap-to-shape enabled. How does it look if you have that disabled? My suspicion is that palm detection issues can cause the lines to break unexpectedly (thus causing the little bumps)
  5. Hi Evernote Team, I use Evernote daily, especially with the Apple Pencil. I noticed that the quality of the sketches have deteriorated after updating to iOS 11. I have attached a screenshot, which shows my attempts at drawing straight lines on Evernote. Each attempt produces significantly different results. I particular dislike lines that produces little bumps. These lines are drawn using the same Apple Pencil, same weight and speed (as I can possibly manage). Are you able to let me know what causes this? Are there workarounds? Is this an iPad Pro hardware issue? Your advice and feedback on this issue is much appreciated. Cheers Simon
  6. I use Evernote with the Apple Pencil all the time, and I frequently encounter syncing issues where I would duplicated images. This is very annoying as it's difficult to figure out which image is up-to-date. I also have to frequently, manually remove duplicated images. Sometimes syncing issues continue to occur, which means these new images gets duplicated again. Is there a way to mitigate this? Hope you can help an Evernote fan!
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