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  1. Wow, this. This I can live with. I can voice-in all the data and format it later as required. This will be a lot easier compared to copy-pasting, as it would most definitely require me to turn on my computer. Thanks, Dave.
  2. Hi, thanks for replying. I think I didn't frame the question too well. Actually, it's Google keyboard that is doing the voice to text conversion, not Keep or Evernote. Edited screenshot. It's after the output of voice-to-text conversion has been placed in the note, that suggestions (in a form of grey underline) for similar sounding words are provided. I have noticed that these suggestions only appear in apps which do not provide any text formatting option, like Keep (screenshot), Anki, Whatsapp, Allo etc. It fails in OneNote, Evernote, MS Word and all such apps which have rich text-editing features. So, is there any way, to enable suggestions while entering data via Google Voice typing interface? Edit: As Dave-in-Decatur, said, reprogramming of the editor might be required, suggestions might not be possible anytime soon.
  3. I am trying to choose between Evernote and Google Keep as my note taking app in Android. Since my requirement is core class room notes and ones that I have made myself, Evernote seems to be a clear winner. I have one problem though. Up until now, I have been using Google Keep and generally use the voice typing feature to jot down a lot of notes. Any ambiguity between words due to pronunciation is sorted out with the help of suggestion that occurs in the form of a grey underline. An example In Evernote, however, this grey underline does not occur. Is it possible to access this feature in Evernote? I use Anki as well, and while voice typing there I do get this greyed out line for suggestions. So it might be an app based issue. Please advise.
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