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  1. huberhouse1886

    Notes won't pull up

    I have rebooted my computer multiple times, so I guess my next step is to un install and re install. Thank you.
  2. huberhouse1886

    Notes won't pull up

    UPDATE INFO: I can access all the notes via my tablet and the web. I prefer using the desktop over the web for ease of accessibility and I feel it is more user friendly. Here is a picture of my main screen on my desktop. Notice the apparent download symbol by the Main Filing Cabinet. However, I cannot search or pull up any note in any notebook nor any notes in the trash bin. HH1886
  3. huberhouse1886

    Notes won't pull up

    Thanks DT I will check the web and see if I can access and search the notes there.
  4. huberhouse1886

    Notes won't pull up

    Any one have any suggestions. I have the basic evernote and use it on my tablet and on the desktop.
  5. huberhouse1886

    Notes won't pull up

    When home, I mostly use #EverNote on my desktop, sometimes it will not pull up my notes. Right now my #MainNoteBook, which has 55 notes in it, has a funny symbol beside it...maybe a download symbol??? And no notes are accessible. On the positive side, I can create new notes. I just cannot search notes. What is going on?