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  1. This feature is a must! I cant even believe how Evernote hasn't added the feature yet.
  2. I emailed them and they wanted me to send them the two images taken by rocketbook app and evernote app so that they can compare them both. I am still waiting for the result. Here is their respond to my email : "Hi Taha, Thanks for reaching out to us. I have a favor to ask if it's not too intrusive -- would you mind sending the Rocketbook scan vs. the Evernote scan of the same page? I wanted to share it with our vision to see what the main differences are. In a nutshell, we compress the image a little bit in order to make the file size more manageable. I think that might be preventing the Evernote OCR from picking up the text. Thanks! Steven — Steven Chen Product @ Rocketbook"
  3. I encountered a problem when I use rocketbook app. The ocr does not work when you upload pages using rocketbook app. (although they are jpgs.) When I upload the same page using Evernote app, the pages are searchable, when I upload the page using default camera of IOS, it is searchable. Is there anyone who has the same problem or knows how to solve it. Thank you in advance.
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