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  1. Hey Guys, Our product team is excited to offer you the chance to get early access to our improved Evernote Business product with features such as business only accounts and try it free for 30 days! In addition to the early access, our team will work with you 1:1 to set up your business account with a few users. We will also want to learn more about your motivations for getting Evernote Business, feedback on the onboarding process, UX, etc. We will check in with you once a week during the trial period to see how things are going and talk through what's working and not working. Along with the benefit of working directly with the team, we'll help set up your organization structure and prioritize any bugs that your team runs into. The details: To qualify for the trial, you’ll need two users or more to add to your trial Evernote Business account During the 30-day trial, we’ll ask you to set aside approximately an hour for initial setup with our team, and weekly 15-30 minute follow-up calls We’ll create a new business account during the 30-day trial that is separate from any of your existing Evernote accounts. We will deactivate the trial business account at the end of the trial. This WILL NOT affect any of your existing active Evernote accounts Is this something you would be interested in? If yes, please send me a direct message by clicking on my forum profile with your full name, email and where your team is located so that we can coordinate with you on next steps. The early access program will start the week of August 14. The team is looking forward to working with you! P.S: Let us know if you are based in the Bay Area, California. We can meet with your team in-person as well. -- Praveen Kannan Product Manager, Evernote Business
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