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  1. Same boat. Same problem. I love Evernote, and in general, I don't mind my children and wife snooping around but for say a personal diary folder, I'd prefer to have some sort of password protection. Anyone who's got a moment of access to any of my devices can see all my diary entries. It seems kind of a basic requirement to me.
  2. Yes, I guess I'll have to convert all into pdf before dragging to notes. With pdf it works just great... For now, guess no better solution.
  3. then I may as well keep them on my comp in folders - no advantage of using Evernote imho
  4. Yes, already contacted. "Hi Uldis, Thanks for following up. You are correct in that searching for the term in the note will return the notes containing that term, but will not highlight the word in the search results. You can suggest new ideas on our Evernote User Forum here:" There's no way for me to change MS Word files to inline view. They automatically show up as attachments and right click doesn't provide any other options. That's why I'm suggesting a feature since it seems something many would benefit from.
  5. Yes, that was my understanding too. That's why I'm on a Premium account. Unfortunately, Evernote can identify and highlight THE FILE where the text is found but not the specific line of text like it does in a pdf. I've attached a file for the reference.
  6. I'm surprised that Evernote can search and highlight the text found in pdfs but can't do this with let's say MS Word documents. If I have multiple 300-page documents attached to the note, it would be of a great value for me to find specific word/term within it while it's in the Evernote, but currently seems the only solution is to convert all of them into pdfs. Only then it will work. It's strange since in my simple mind OCR seems more complicated technology than just reading and highlighting text in a Microsoft Word document.
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