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  1. Hello Community! Is there a way to use the iOS and OS X system font (San Francisco) as default for notes? So basically select "no font" (like currently Helvetica Neue). Thank you.
  2. Thank you for both excellent suggestions! Code blocks… code blocks… I'm Crying. Perfect. I've been waiting for a quote or block feature, ever since I use Evernote and didn't realize it was finally there. It even has a shortcut. For anyone else looking for this: You might need to active code blocks in the settings first (as of writing this, it is a relatively new feature). Go to Settings › Updates › Active Code Blocks. Then right click the passage you want to transform into a code block and select the format. Looks like this… (both suggestions in this thread side by side). Thanks
  3. Hello fellow note takers, I could need some input on my note taking strategy. This is what I usually do: See/read something Copy the link and make it the "headline" of a section in a note about a topic – if really important add printed PDF or web clipping Copy important parts of the note as plain text into the note Add my own comments or additional information about THAT section (note: not the whole article, but maybe a paragraph, sentence or particular information) Split with <hr> if closely related The result might look something like this:
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