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  1. Surprised-not-surprised that this is still an issue 5 years after the OP's original request for help. Disappointed-yes-disappointed. One thing to add to this thread is that my recollection is that this jumping-lines-behavior was preferred over an even more annoying scrolling behavior exclusive to Evernote's then-desktop client that was trying too hard to be slick. And I think this problem goes back even further to 2010—although I can't be sure because of my challenges recalling past time intervals— when I was a luckless Palm fangirl interacting with Evernote execs during the webOS weeks. As others in this thread have noted repeatedly, the problem is solely with Evernote, as the entire rest of my computer system behaves as I expect it to. Further, still, this has been the same behavior with my Windows XP machines and my current Windows 8.1 laptop. (yes, I'm a proud Luddite ~ winks) Reporting, then, that the KatMouse workaround also worked for me, too in August of 2017. Evernote is finally functional enough that not only may I start using the Windows client more, but that buying Evernote Premium is once again appealing. I may very well give @EvernoteHelps a shot as Twitter often nets surprising results
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