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  1. I'm doing almost the same thing as you, split it into two seperate searches which evernote already support. However, is there any external/seperate tool to achieve this demand more ideally? I can use navicat to open the local .exb database file directly, which is just a SQLite database, all notes can be queried by building SQL SELECT statemen, which is read-only operation and safe enough. Is there any tools available that try to query the database directly to support the advanced search with AND/OR of evernote? I think it's useful.
  2. I didn't read the posts before, so don't know if the previous post mentioned this, but when I hold down ctrl, click help in menu, and after clicking the "optimize database", the slow and lag situation in my pc will get better. I'm not saying this will resolve all the lag problems, but it does solve my problem.
  3. Basically, I want search for notebook:"Cabinet" -tag:Trash* and ( (tag:Diary and tag:Fiction and -tag:Unfinished) or (tag:Notes and tag:Books) ) and save it as a saved search for everyday use. However, the last version of Evernote that BitQwik is compatible with is only or earlier. So any possible maybe that I can do this kind of search in Evernote Windows v6.x? Any user-made script or third-party-made tool outside evernote is also acceptable as long as helpful. Thanks.
  4. After so many years, evernote still have some treasure for me to dig, so awesome! Many thanks. Completely solve my problem!
  5. I often use some long queries of advanced search, such as notebook:"1 Cabinet" -tag:Trash* tag:.Reference.Notes tag:Hobby.Book The previous notebook:"1 Cabinet" -tag:Trash* part can be automatically inputted by Autohotkey for its being often used. However, the latter part, which contains the long tag names, have to be manually entered through the keyboard by hands because it's different each time. And evernote's search bar doesn't seem to support auto-completion, which shown in the following figure, which makes it difficult for me to enter the tag name every time (here is the reason why my tag name is so long) So any ways to get the search bar to support auto-completion for tag name? Or can other methods that speed up my input tags when searching?
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