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  1. I was using Evernote on my Windows 10 PC to convert a notebook section from OneNote to Evernote, using the Import command on the File menu. My computer crashed (which it does periodically, so I don't blame Evernote) and left me with "Cant Build Table" error when I tried to restart Evernote. So I uninstalled Evernote and got a new app from the Windows 10 app store. But this app is very different from the one I had before (it was listed as Evernote Touch) and doesn't seem to have a file command. How do I get the app I had before, which is more of a desktop program than a device app? Or--should I be rethinking my plan of moving my old OneNote notebook sections to Evernote? I have gotten used to Evernote because I have a PC laptop, an Ipad tablet, and an Android phone and Evernote seemed to have better consistency among all those platforms, but I'm reading about even Premium users having support issues and I notice that, other than Evernote web, there don't seem to be easy links for getting help from the Evernote apps.
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