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  1. Have had EN Plus since 2012. received a couple of messages from EN stating my credit card on record had expired. Updated the card. Now, when we log in, we get a popup telling us we need to upgrade. Does this mean we can no longer use EN Plus? How do I login and get the features we had?
  2. Already submitted a ticket. Seems most people get a forwarded email to EN in a few minutes. Mine can take over 24 hrs. If I send 10, 1 will get to EN in <30 min, 2 will take >24hrs, the rest never show. Again, I'm copy/paste my EN address so all emails go to the same address. Doesn't matter if I create/send an email to EN or if I fwd it to EN. FWIW, I add no tags, so all email to EN should go to my default folder. Search for the email titles doesn't reveal those emails in any folder. Hope the ticket produces an answer. In any case, I appreciate the help here.
  3. Yeah, I tried 2 ways - directly from an email and by forwarding an email. Neither work.
  4. And a followup. If I want EN to download any new emails in my EN email acct, is there a way to do that manually?
  5. Regarding the EN default "folder" (actually Notebook) This can be overridden if you have auto filing enabled ------------------------------------------------- Thanks for the tip. Autofiling was enabled. But that leads to a question. If EN is autofiling, would I not be able to find the emails I sent by using "Search?" They don't show up in any notebook.
  6. Maybe I wasn't clear. Sent email straight from 3 accts unattached to EN to my EN email address. Sent emails from my EN signin email address to my EN email. Tried sending from 3 unattached accts to the gmail acct I use as signin for EN. From there I forwarded to my EN email address All of those but one failed to get to my EN default folder after 2 days. I don't know how often EN checks for in-coming email, but I know it's not 2 days.
  7. Here is what I've tried. sent 3 emails to the account linked to my EN acct (linkedtoEN@fictional.com) from 3 different email addresses. All sent within one minute. From that EN linked account, I forwarded all 3 to EN. within a hour, one appeared in my default folder. Two days later the other two are nowhere to be found. To insure I had the right address, I went to EN and copied/pasted my email address into the 3 emails. No way I could have mis-typed just 1-2 of them. From linkedtoEN@fictional.com, I sent two emails directly to EN. Two days later, neither have appeared in EN. None of the 5 emails returned an 'undeliverable.' What is my next step?
  8. Checked FAQs but didn't find the answer. I have 3 emails for various purposes. I want to send emails to EN from each address, but email from only one shows up. How do I send email from 3 addresses to my one EN account?
  9. Using EN desktop. For a new note, I select NEW NOTE (Duh!), drag a jpg, and close. In the left column I see the new note . . . Title Date "One Attachment" In the right pane? Nothing. To add a jpg to an existing note, I select the note, F2, ENTER (learned that here), Attach Files. In the left column I see the new note . . . Title Date "Two Attachments" But I can only see the first. For reasons I don't understand, if I add text to a new note, D&D works. If I D&D to an existing note, it works. Lessons learned . . . add text before D&D. Don't use "Attach Files" to attach a file. Thanks for the help
  10. Can't seem to add more than one jpg to a single note. Is it possible? How? Can I add a jpg to an existing note?
  11. Got it to work. Had to reboot my phone and have my friend resend the invite. Thanks.
  12. Received an email from EN. Clicked on the Accept Invitation. WIndows EN doesn't shows no shared folder.
  13. Forgot to mention . . .FWIW, this is a PLUS account. Mine is free.
  14. Hope this is the proper forum. Should be easy, but I can't find the answer. A frind of mine sent me an invitation to share a folder. I accepted. When I open my acct on my android phone, I can't see the shared folder. Haven't tried Windows. How do I get an accepted folder to show on my acct?
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