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  1. Using EN desktop. For a new note, I select NEW NOTE (Duh!), drag a jpg, and close. In the left column I see the new note . . . Title Date "One Attachment" In the right pane? Nothing. To add a jpg to an existing note, I select the note, F2, ENTER (learned that here), Attach Files. In the left column I see the new note . . . Title Date "Two Attachments" But I can only see the first. For reasons I don't understand, if I add text to a new note, D&D works. If I D&D to an existing note, it works. Lessons learned . . . add text before D&D. Don't use "Attach Files" to attach a file. Thanks for the help
  2. Can't seem to add more than one jpg to a single note. Is it possible? How? Can I add a jpg to an existing note?
  3. Got it to work. Had to reboot my phone and have my friend resend the invite. Thanks.
  4. Received an email from EN. Clicked on the Accept Invitation. WIndows EN doesn't shows no shared folder.
  5. Forgot to mention . . .FWIW, this is a PLUS account. Mine is free.
  6. Hope this is the proper forum. Should be easy, but I can't find the answer. A frind of mine sent me an invitation to share a folder. I accepted. When I open my acct on my android phone, I can't see the shared folder. Haven't tried Windows. How do I get an accepted folder to show on my acct?
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