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  1. LOL. Yes, the problem solved. I took a few hundred out of my wallet and donated to Apple in exchange for a new iPad. Thanks for following up, maybe your solution helps other people.
  2. I dug into this deeper and here is what I learned. The issue is more widespread, there are non-profits such as public schools with 100's or 1000's of devices that now been rendered incompatible because of Apple policy of not allowing downloads. The issue is because the application developers (so far I identified Evernote and Google Drive as 2 major apps affected) have stopped supporting 32bit systems (that's understandable, so I am not blaming Evernote anymore) and only 64bit versions of the apps are being continued to be developed. Apple strict store policy does not allow a user to download an older version of the application (32-bit version in this case) IF the user hasn't downloaded the particular application in the past. In other worlds if user has downloaded in the past, app store will enable re-downloading it again (albeit an older compatible 32bit version of the app). The policy is briliant as it turns the devices to junk overnight and because Apple has lock on the hardware even after it discontinues support, it would force the organizations (that assign the devices to new/sharing users frequently) to upgrade. Jailbreaking is I guess illegal and turns out is not a panacea to solve it. There are no readily available Google Drive or Evernote Note apps on Cydia store (why would they be there) except for a few attempts on old tweaked versions from less than trust-worthy places promising "unlimited access". Would stay away from those. Sideloading the apps may solve the problem if you trust having some Chinese signing certificate on the device and keep sideloading the app year after year to refresh the cerificate. May work for some but that still requires a working version of IPA file. (From here: Maybe from a backup?, Couldn't find good sources online) Another solution perhaps* is ask your friends to login temporarily to iTunes and download the old versions of the apps and then they can log out of their account. The apps stay installed but you can't update them since not logged into the appropriate Apple account (but who cares since the apps are not being updated anyway, see above). That's I guess most reasonable way to resolve it other than purchasing a new device. * Disclaimer - while you should be OK with iCloud and iTunes backup, you will get errors from iTunes if you try to sync the device. The errors may indicate the apps can't be synced because the account is not logged iTunes. If you get the error message, the solution may be to remove iTunes and data and set it up again.
  3. I bought a new iPad Mini (original, version 1) for kids for about $150 which I find reasonable. It's disappointing Evernote is no longer available for download for iOS v9. Why is that? Not even available for download from the Apple Store??? iOS 9 is not that old and it was only discontinued recently. Still I don't understanding why doesn't Evernote provide an older version for download. Now I am supposed to try to jailbreak the tablet to get it sideload I guess. I am paying for Evernote for my person account. I don't to spend more moeny to purchase a newer iPad. Just allowing it download would be a fair. I am not asking for support.
  4. Latest EN as of today on latest iOS, iPhone 5s 1. Copying mixed content from this page (Safari app) to Evernote freezes the EN app https://www.trickyways.com/2015/01/share-files-users-android-tablet/ 2. Created new empty note in EN and switched to Safari to copy text. When copying the bullet points individually, EN App didn't save added text at 2 occasions on that particular article. Since the app was freezing I went on and copy text only without pictures, every time marking and copying the text between pictures. On two occasions I copied text (bullet pointed block of text) and past into EN app. Initially the copied text was there and I returned to main application window. I pulled the list to refresh and upload the new created note. Once upload finished went back to the note and unfortunately the *last* added block of text wasn't there. It was completely missing from the note. As I said it happened on 2 occasions so I'm pretty sure it has to do with the EN app. PS I know I could use bookmarklet but I want control over copied text so bookmarklet won't help with the task. .
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