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  1. It looks like the Legacy version is only available for Mac and Windows. See the bottom of this screenshot. I'll push through this new version and hope for some improvements and bug fixes sooner rather than later.
  2. Evernote just seems like it's not quite ready for prime time, it should still be in the testing phase. So many aspects of it just don't seem to work right or work kind of clunky. That huge update seems like it was a change just for the sake of change because I don't se any real improvements. if I only used Evernote occasionally or just for casual fun stuff, I could deal with hit or miss - probably, but I use it for work and hit or miss isn't good enough. I think it's time to find something that works better.
  3. Hello all... help files weren't too kind to me. Are lack of notifications on Android a known issue, or am I missing something. Hope I'm missing something. Several people at work upload new notes to various notebooks and I need to know when they do so, preferably by a notification and not by constantly opening the app and looking, or asking someone to text me when they've added or updated a note. I also use Evernote on my laptop in my truck daily, so hopefully there's a solution for both. Anyone able to assist? Thanks a bunch. Running on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Evernote 10.8.2 (1112579)
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    Sorting Spaces

    Is there a way to sort the notes in the Spaces we create? My office sends me my daily work as a note placed in a Space, currently they tag that day's work with the date, I then search tags for today's date, and find my work. It'd be easier if the spaces list could be sorted by 'date created' then all off my current days work would be at the top. Maybe if I look for my work in a notebook rather than a Space since notebooks are sortable? If anyone uses Evernote for daily work, where jobs are added daily and has a better routine for making this work, I'd be open to suggestions. I've used Evernote for years to create notes on jobs I spec in the field, I have close to 1000 notes in my notebook, but our office has just starting using Evernote this past week. Thanks for your thoughts.
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