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  1. okay, so then their FAQ is incorrect? "Each device where you’re signed in to Evernote counts toward your device limit." https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/218558068-Devices-FAQ Because if I'm reading it correctly, if I'm signed out from a device, then it won't count towards the limit. if what you're saying is correct, then Evernote should probably update their FAQ
  2. for a while now, I've been using Evernote on android, and my home and work computer (but one at a time, since I only have the free version of Evernote). I'd sign out of one computer and then sign into the other. That had been working just fine until the past couple months. now, even when I sign out of one computer, when I go to log into the other computer, it says I have too many devices and need to unsync one. At first I thought I had just been forgetting to sign out, but it still happening even after I'm for sure that I signed out. for example, I know that I signed out of my work computer on Friday before I left, but logging back in on my home computer says I need to unsync. As best I can tell from the Evernote website, the two device limit means they can only be signed into two devices at the time, so if that's the case, it means signing out of one makes that device not count as one of the two (for the limit). Is there anything differently I need to be doing to make sure that happens?
  3. Evernote web problem only, it's been happening for the past month or so but I haven't gotten it before. There are two issues and I think they're related. I've only been doing text notes recently, so that's when it's been happening. I'm on Windows 10 using Firefox, if that's relevant info. No noticeable internet problems while this is happening, I can browse just fine on other sites, so it's not a connectivity issue. Issue 1: I'll type in a note, think it's synced, but then it doesn't. I lose most of what I was typing, but not all of it (sometimes it'll just stop mid-sentence or mid-paragraph). Usually only happens if I'm typing a lot and making a large number of changes, upwards of 5 minutes on the same note. If I'm only one for 30 seconds, it seems like it's fine Issue 2: usually also while typing a lot on the same note and not all of it saves (i.e. the above issue), then I'll have duplicates of the bad version of the note, anywhere between 5 or 50. For example, I'll finish typing and close out of Evernote. If I re-open Evernote, I now have 10 version of the note I was just typing, at "5 minutes old, 5 minutes old, 6 minutes old," etc. If I just quit typing and allowed it to sync, the most recent version should be under a minute old. Further, all the duplicate notes appear to be at the same level of incompleteness (usually), so if it stops saving it midsentence, the duplicates are also at the same spot midsentence. (not always the case though, sometimes each version will have slightly more information than the previous; but even in such cases, none of them have all of it) What it's meant for me is I've stopped using Evernote as much, I don't want to put in a ton of time taking good notes only to have half of them vanish. Sometimes before exiting, I'll copy the text of the note, re-open Evernote, and if it didn't sync then I'll paste over the note. Not a good workaround, especially long-term.
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