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  1. I think approximately 3 years ago I opened a ticket about it at the customer support, when I first realized that evernote is eating my whole storage. Back then I got the same answer... 'security, performance'... from my point of view I still think that their response is just an excuse for not wanting to implement this feature for which reason ever - most likely for a bad cost-value ratio as users like me are probably not being income-relevant enough. This is what I called ignorance and yes, the word is not used in the right way. Maybe indifference would describe it better. I would be also inte
  2. Ok, I see your point, which I consider your opinion. Of course just reading the quoted excerpt reads itself a lot harsher, when ignoring the rest of the text, anyway, I think that several users might think exactly the same but just don't raise there voise and just quit premium as they feel as well ignored. Getting ignored while being a so called premium customer paying a regulary charge could be called 'ignorance'. Getting the same excuse - 'it's for security reasons' - over and over, might be called 'incompetence' or just an excuse for not wanting to face and fix an issue for many Android use
  3. Actually, I didn't mean to insult anyone here. I wanted just to state some facts, one of which is that storing sensitive information in some cloud space is never ever secure unless it is single end-encrypted with a very strong and known encryption tool, before it gets uploaded. If I remember correctly, Evernote asked me amongst 50 million other customers to change my password approximately 2 years ago, because a huge database got stolen? Could you be more specific, about what exactly you are considering insulting? My key points are: Evernote is not providing offline SD
  4. I've been a premium user for 3 years now. Of approximately 5 GB of data I have (currently) selected 1.21 GB of data in the form of specific notebooks, which I definitely want to be able to store and access on my Android device in offline mode - any time, whereever and whenever I want. I don't want to explain any further why. Just accept it. There are a lot of reasons for me to stick with evernote in general, but the user experience is suffering so extremly as I am using evernote more frequently on my smartphone and mobile usage experience is getting more and more important for me. The sto
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