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  1. I think approximately 3 years ago I opened a ticket about it at the customer support, when I first realized that evernote is eating my whole storage. Back then I got the same answer... 'security, performance'... from my point of view I still think that their response is just an excuse for not wanting to implement this feature for which reason ever - most likely for a bad cost-value ratio as users like me are probably not being income-relevant enough. This is what I called ignorance and yes, the word is not used in the right way. Maybe indifference would describe it better. I would be also interested in details about security and performance issues that would obviously supposedly and inevitably be associated with the sd-card feature. I don't know why, but this must also sound like an excuse to others, not just me, as I am very certain that some smart computer scientists might find a solution that is not totally slow or totally insecure... Yes of course I did. Three years ago I got frustrated after evernote's response. Lately I got frustrated about my google play update problem due to lack of space on my internal storage, for which evernote is the main reason, and then I thought I could look into if anything changed in between. Thats how I landed here. This time I achieved at least that some moderator created the voting possibility. I should have written something about it here three years ago. Maybe things would have changed in between.
  2. Ok, I see your point, which I consider your opinion. Of course just reading the quoted excerpt reads itself a lot harsher, when ignoring the rest of the text, anyway, I think that several users might think exactly the same but just don't raise there voise and just quit premium as they feel as well ignored. Getting ignored while being a so called premium customer paying a regulary charge could be called 'ignorance'. Getting the same excuse - 'it's for security reasons' - over and over, might be called 'incompetence' or just an excuse for not wanting to face and fix an issue for many Android users as it is probably too much effort and I am probably (as other private premium users, as stated in my second post) not income-relevant enough. However, I think that you are overreacting about a comprehensible criticism - and voices tend to get harsher, when being ignored over and over or being put off with arguments that can - from a little different point of view than yours - be considered excuses, ignorance, incompetence or excuses for either of the latter.
  3. Actually, I didn't mean to insult anyone here. I wanted just to state some facts, one of which is that storing sensitive information in some cloud space is never ever secure unless it is single end-encrypted with a very strong and known encryption tool, before it gets uploaded. If I remember correctly, Evernote asked me amongst 50 million other customers to change my password approximately 2 years ago, because a huge database got stolen? Could you be more specific, about what exactly you are considering insulting? My key points are: Evernote is not providing offline SD-Card support for customers for years now. They are hiding behind excuses nobody can actually reproduce (as do other companies with similar issues, e.g. WhatsApp). They just eat up my internal storage space on my smartphone, although the customer should be king, which is obviously not the case here. Either I am a low priority customer, as for example business clients might make 90 percent of Evernote's customers (I don't know any true numbers), which probably don't need a feature like this as they are using evernote only on their macs/PCs or they don't care so much about buying smartphones with 128 GB internal storage for their employees - or which reason ever, or Evernote has indeed technical problems to store some information internal (on a fast internal storage) and some information external (on a probably slow SD-card and they have no control about the SD-card speed and quality as customers can buy a cheap SD-card and will blame Evernote later, when their performance is bad) and this would call for a total different database approach with a some sort of split database on the device, because the database could get corrupted if for example the SD-card fails somehow or gets removed from the device, or something similar. I am trying a shot in the dark actually - I have no clue about the true reasons actually. But either way, in both cases: Evernote hides behind a security excuse and they are just not honest with me or they simply don't want the expenses of implementing a feature like this for just a bunch of customers, who want or need this feature, which would be a fact that they would of course not admit. I would prefer if they told me something like: 'We don't care about you because your customer type only makes like 5 percent of our sales and your feature is low priority - we have more important things to work on. If you can afford premium, buy a smartphone with a lot more of internal storage and you won't have a problem!'. However, somehow I feel not beeing taken seriously and this is what I was expressing. By the way: It seems as if Evernote had the right tactics as newer Android smartphones' sd-cards can be formated as internal storage, which is solving this issue for Evernote somehow - but formatting as internal storage has some disadvantages and could have some unwanted/unpredictable side effects. I would love a solution that for example stores attached binary data on the sd-card (e.g. PDFs, PPTX, or similar) and keeps the database core on the internal storage. It probably could be solved in a way that only if accessing those binary files, it will have some speed drawbacks as the file contents get indexed addressed, which can be stored internal again. This would reduce the internal data base to a minimum still keeping it fast and especially a fast search function. The main problem is that I am not free to decide where to store my data. It is more like 'could you please make it possible to let me store on the sd-card?'; Evernote: 'no, security risk. Period.'
  4. I've been a premium user for 3 years now. Of approximately 5 GB of data I have (currently) selected 1.21 GB of data in the form of specific notebooks, which I definitely want to be able to store and access on my Android device in offline mode - any time, whereever and whenever I want. I don't want to explain any further why. Just accept it. There are a lot of reasons for me to stick with evernote in general, but the user experience is suffering so extremly as I am using evernote more frequently on my smartphone and mobile usage experience is getting more and more important for me. The storage thing is such a huge pain in the *** that it makes me freak out. Why does even Google maps provide the possibility to store offline maps on the SD-card? Why do you hide behind some excuses for privacy and securtiy reaons instead of giving your customers the possibility to chose? You could for example realize a huge warning message if SD-card storing is activated, e.g. 'Warning - if you switch your storage to SD-card, we can not guarantee the full privacy of your data any longer', or whatever... I don't have internal storage left ... I am always creeping somewhere around 500 MB of free internal space (and I really have cleaned up anything that is possible), which is some sort of magic boundary in order to make Google Play to be even able to update any apps. When I want to update any app it says 'free storage first' - you don't have enough storage. Can you image how angry I get reading this message when realizing that the primary and only reason for this issue is evernote. Evernote is the largest internal memory killer that I have on my smartphone and it is using currently 1.21 GB of internal storage. The next largest app is something like google play services (which is needed for dozens of apps), which uses something like 40 MB of internal storage currently. This is approximately 3 percent of what evernote uses. The balance is something like: I have 30 useful apps that use 1.21 GB together - and on the otherhand I have one single useful app - namely evernote - that needs the same amount of storage. So sooner or later I will have to chose if I want to resign 30 useful apps or 1 usefull app. This is absolutly not funny. Not funny at all. You are forcing me to quit Evernote just because of your incompetence to realize a feature for which I am waiting and hoping like for over 3 years now - with no changes or improvements on your side at all! I first got angry about it when I installed the evernote app for the first time, which was a long time ago. I got huge storage issues and didn't even notice it for quite a while and I didn't find the reason as I believed that it is impossible that an app like evernote might eat up all of my internal storage. I didn't even check it. When I realized it I though that evernote is still 'young' and it will probably only take like 2 or 3 updates (maybe one or two months) until the sd-card feature will be available on android. In the meantime I started realizing that I was extremly naive. I really don't understand why you think that you can keep premium users pay a XX dollars a year with your attitude towards customer preference: the key problem is that you take my freedom to chose. I am very certain that many customers think like me but in general there are too few to complain about things like this, they just live with it - thats why I raise my voice here. I absolutely don't care for your security arguments as I consider all data that is stored on some US-server by some US-company as potentially risky for any sort of theft of data anyway - for reasons that you might have been noticing over the last couple of years (see NSA or whatever). So the thing that protects my data is basically that I don't store data in my notes that I consider as potentially too sensitive or private because of the potential risk that anyone could get access to it, e.g. health information, passwords, insurance, banking, etc. ... I would (possibly) only store something like this if it was encrypted on my side before any file transfer with some sort of extremely safe single-ended encryption protocol that cannot be compromised by anyone but by myself. But as the latter will make the user experience suffer extremly (e.g. because of search or indexing, encrypting and decrypting of messages, etc) the feature does and will probably not exist so I don't care and just don't store data that is 'too sensitive'. If you want your 'business' clients lead to believe that their data is safe on your servers (which I really doubt) you can do so by not allowing them to store data on the sd card or by negotiating an individual solution for your business customers keeping them believing in your security competence (which I have no clue about actually) but please give a private premium user the possibility to chose if he/she wants to store the data on a sc-card. My whole evernote experience is getting a pain in the *** because of this storage issue and will make me quit evernote premium sooner or later (I believe probably sooner)... and it is your ignorance that is forcing me to. Thanks.
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