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  1. Buenas! Antes si eras premium se podía contactar por chat pero ahora no veo esa opción. ¿Han retirado el soporte vía chat para usuarios premium?
  2. Can you say me why Microsoft Onenotes, Bear and other have Headings? Are not they notes app? Explain me because I don´t understand....
  3. Today it´s 08/04/2020 and Evernote for Mac hasn´t H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 I can´t understand that, a app for notes, for excellence, it hasn´t Headings...
  4. Hello! I didn´t know where I could to answer this... While I´m organizing my Evernote, I´ve done two things: 1. I´ve moved two notebooks to other stack to Evernote Mac but when I´m going to Evernote iPad, the notebooks don´t update and continue to stacks previous. 2. I´ve created tags to Evernote Mac but when I´m going to Evernote ipad has differents tags that version Evernote Desktop (Mac). the rest (notes, images..) are upgrade and sync correctly (Mac-iOS). This behavior is normal? Thank you!!
  5. Hello! Thank you!! You´re a friendly people ^^ I´m been seeing and the option that I prefered is to DTLow because I look the option more easy 😃 But I´m having problems with tags sync (iOS-Mac). Personally, I don´t like tags because when you create a new notes, you´ve that remember that tags you have to put it this note. Also, there are several persons that like me, they don´t prefer use too tags. I´m to question my problem with sync tags, but you options are very interested ^^ 😃 Thank you!
  6. Hi all, I have a question about the organization of stacks and notebooks. you imagine that you have several subjects. Each subject of the university, in turn, has different modules (theory, practice and problems). I use this in Evernote as: Subjects = stacks For example: Technology, Mathematics ... Modules = Notebooks. For example; Technology theory, technology practices and technology problems. (Each one of this has your set of notes). The point is that I would like to move these stacks (subjects) into a stack that collects all the subjects but Evernote does not allow me to insert a stack into another. Now that this subject is not going to be studied at the moment, I would like to have it in another stack so that my list of projects is cleaner in Evernote. How would you fix this? Thank you!
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