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  1. Hello! I didn´t know where I could to answer this... While I´m organizing my Evernote, I´ve done two things: 1. I´ve moved two notebooks to other stack to Evernote Mac but when I´m going to Evernote iPad, the notebooks don´t update and continue to stacks previous. 2. I´ve created tags to Evernote Mac but when I´m going to Evernote ipad has differents tags that version Evernote Desktop (Mac). the rest (notes, images..) are upgrade and sync correctly (Mac-iOS). This behavior is normal? Thank you!!
  2. Hello! Thank you!! You´re a friendly people ^^ I´m been seeing and the option that I prefered is to DTLow because I look the option more easy 😃 But I´m having problems with tags sync (iOS-Mac). Personally, I don´t like tags because when you create a new notes, you´ve that remember that tags you have to put it this note. Also, there are several persons that like me, they don´t prefer use too tags. I´m to question my problem with sync tags, but you options are very interested ^^ 😃 Thank you!
  3. Hi all, I have a question about the organization of stacks and notebooks. you imagine that you have several subjects. Each subject of the university, in turn, has different modules (theory, practice and problems). I use this in Evernote as: Subjects = stacks For example: Technology, Mathematics ... Modules = Notebooks. For example; Technology theory, technology practices and technology problems. (Each one of this has your set of notes). The point is that I would like to move these stacks (subjects) into a stack that collects all the subjects but Evernote does not allow me to insert a stack into another. Now that this subject is not going to be studied at the moment, I would like to have it in another stack so that my list of projects is cleaner in Evernote. How would you fix this? Thank you!
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