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  1. OneNote... [sigh]. Besides being MS, it is their lack of a more effective webclipper [translation = Evernote's FANTASTIC web clipper] that keeps me from it. I've tested others, Evernote is still the best, though admittedly there's a learning curve and level of customization each user must endeavor to make. Its kinda like iOS or Android [no iOS/Android wars, please]: iOS works the first time the way one hopes [generally], Android lets you get under-the-hood and change anything [generally]. I like that Evernote lets me under the hood to customize and organize most things of my life, but it takes a while to get there. If someoone is just looking to type text and pile up virtual post-its and pages, there are less complex systems, though I'd still encourage a low-level use of Evernote (for the sake of expandablility). I feel the pain, macneilpi: but I cannot depart from my first love. It seems that opening a .pdf in Preview to edit has become more stable in recent updates, which is helpful. However, I think I like Evernote's .pdf editing tools better than Adobe... or at least the UX seems more favorable. Evernote's "preview" of edits is a handy shortcut when I need that one quote that I marked, rather than opening the .pdf and hunting it down.
  2. I would like to be able to annotate/markup a pdf (or pic, too) in a note AND edit the note simultaneously. Example: I'm annotating pdf in the Evernote pdf tool, yet when I click back on the note to type something there *while* editing the pdf I lose the pdf being open, so I have to reopen, find my place, continue reading/annotating. Currently, the 2 workarounds I've found, which are quite time consuming: A. New Pdf (1) open PDF on computer, (2) edit with computers PDF editor, (3) save markups/highlights/notes/etc as a new PDF on desktop, (4) add edited PDF to note, (5) delete original PDF from note, (6) delete PDF from desktop... phew! B. useWord MS (1) open PDF in Evernote editor, (2) open a blank word doc, (3) edit PDF in Evernote, take notes on word doc, (4) save PDF changes, (5) cut & past word doc text to note, (6) spend next 30min reformatting all outlines and bullets that "blow up" cutting & pasting from MSWord into Evernote... phew!! Please add this feature? 8-) Love Evernote-- love the team behind it. Thanks for all your hard work! What you do is helping me better organize and complete my PhD research... thank you!!!
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