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  1. I have already paused ESET and tried again. It made no difference. I'm testing on a home network. I will work my way through the other suggestions. Thanks
  2. Today I had an Evernote message pop up that my browser is no longer supported. I thought this may be the answer. After upgrading Google Chrome and testing with Microsoft Edge I still get the same result i.e. I can enter a search request on the EN web page but it won't bring anything up.
  3. Thanks Gazumped. No luck. I'm able to get to the help page but when I enter a search request it returns nothing. (I haven't forgotten my password but as EN have used this as an example search I have used it as a test here in the expectation that it would return a result). https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&query=forgot+my+password&commit=Search I'm wondering if EN can not find a Help & Learning file and whether I should uninstall and reinstall the software, which I'm reluctant to do if everything else is working normally.
  4. EN appears to be working normally other than Help & Learning has no content. Does anyone have any ideas why this may be happening and what can be done to fix it?
  5. Hi PinkElephant. I have not been able to view any Support & Learning content for some time now. I would like to have a support ticket issued. But to date I have only been able to lodge this request via Sales which is clearly the wrong channel. Any suggestions on how this might be resolved would be appreciated.
  6. This not not be directly related to the question. I have setup 11 new tags in Evernote Premium for Windows. The tags all have a # prefix so that the can easily be assigned. However they are not syncing with my iPad. Any ideas why this may be happening.
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