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  1. I second this. If Checkboxes and Checklists are different, and we choose to use a Checkbox (by the cumbersome new Insert method), why would the program designers think that hitting Return/Enter would mean we want to convert it to a Checklist. I miss the old functionality, and request that if I enter a Checkbox, then hitting Return/Enter should actually start a new line with a new Checkbox. In my daily use, and in both Templates and many current notes, I use a Checkbox to indicate an unanswered or uncompleted item. When completed I typically check the box and enter text at the end of
  2. On EN 10, it seems that all new imported material (eg: from ScanSnap Manager>EN) is automatically put into an "Import" Notebook. In prior EN versions, if a notebook was active imported material went into that notebook. This was/is my work flow, and IMHO a much more efficient way to work. It saves me from having to move every single item from an import notebook to the location of my choice. Much easier to choose notebook before hand. Would love to get this option back.
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