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  1. I experienced the same issue, AGAIN, around 2:15am this morning when trying to look notes to solve a problem that came up in the middle of the night. I was able to RDP in to my desktop at work and access the program on that computer and get the info I needed. However even clicking 'sync' did not make a difference, the data was not in the cloud. It's unfortunate that the owner of the company DOES NOT wish to purchase, yet I use this usually flexible and reliable tool to keep information essential in preforming my job from anywhere, especially when I am on call.
  2. It looks like it was a temporary issue, however it took several days to resolve itself. I posted on Monday, checked on Tues, Wed, Thursday and it failed to work. However today it works fine from multiple systems and browsers again. Hopefully this was just a one time fluke.... sure was inconvenient though. - Will
  3. On my work Windows machine I use the Evernote application, on my work MacBook, I access the notes via Evernote Web. However today when I logged in for a meeting, I had to reschedule because my notes disappeared. On the left side of the screen when you click on the ICON for NOTEBOOKS, they slide in from the left. Upon clicking on ANY notebook, it only SHOWS the latest note from that notebook, with NO WAY of accessing any other notes in that notebook. I thought maybe I could use the search function, however the same result happens. What has happened to the online version?
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