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  1. Hi Guru I can now see how you move a document from Evernote, to Notability. You need to do this from the Evernote App. If you are able to confirm that once you make you annotations, you are then able to move back to Evernote, then the problem for now is solved. Thank you for your work around solution. Cheers Paul
  2. When I'm using my iPad to open a PDF and then read and make annotations to the document, such as highlighting a section, the Evernote App immediately crashes. I've Updated both the iPad and Evernote, so everything should be up to date, but unfortunately, it continues to crash. I assume this has happened after the latest Apple iOS Upgrade, but cannot be 100% sure about that. This is killing me at the moment. I have 25 reports to read and take notes on for my final MBA project. ... Evernote Timing... very bad!
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