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  1. This makes sense, but it is possible for software to download a file from a web URL, and this is all the Evernote extension really needs to do. It could just look at the URL of the active page, and if the URL ends in .pdf, it should be able to clip (download) that file. I've written quick and easy programs that do this in Python, I imagine it's not much harder in Javascript (language of browser extensions). Would be nice for an Evernote staff member to at least let us know why they haven't addressed this yet
  2. Ah good idea, that works but takes an extra step. Would be nice to have the thumbnail pre-made.
  3. I agree this would really upgrade my Evernote experience too. I often keep my phone videos in Evernote and it's annoying to not be able to at least see the thumbnail. Embedded videos would be a huge luxury
  4. I was recently wondering how to do this as well, and just thought of a solution. You can use an Android cloud storage app with an "Auto Upload" feature (e.g. Dropbox), and also install the app on your computer so the pictures sync from your phone to computer. Then you can use Evernote's "Import Folders" tool to monitor new files in this folder, and choose "Source: Delete" so your cloud storage account doesn't get filled up, and the pictures are still saved in Evernote. I also found this service Filterize that can assign the photo dates to the Evernote "note creation date", so your library of older photos keeps its order when put into Evernote. It works by searching Evernote note titles for dates (the note title will be the same as the photo filename), so if your filenames have dates in them, then you can adjust it to read and apply those dates.
  5. Just pitching in my voice that I would also like to be able to use the Evernote extension for PDFs on Firefox. The Firefox extension website says the Evernote Clipper hasn't been updated since October 2017 while the Chrome extension was just updated in Janurary 2019 which gives me a feeling the developers are abandoning Firefox. Disappointing to see.
  6. Old thread but it seems like the developers thought that "Sync on demand" was just as good as "Selective sync" which might be the reason they've ignored the request. If this is the case, I think a more suitable feature request would be the option to hide notebooks so they only appear when you click a "Hidden notebooks" menu option. This way, when "Sync on demand" is enabled, you don't accidentally see the notes in a search or in your Notebooks list and have Evernote download them. They'd still be in your Evernote account but not downloaded on that computer and not able to be accidentally downloaded. This seems equivalent to the Selective sync feature on Dropbox for example (shown below):
  7. +1 I want this feature because I keep a journal in Evernote where the dates matter, and making any edit to an old note will change its date to today.
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