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  1. Does this still work, I've tried this but it still requires someone to create an account? I use Evernote for Real Estate, I used to send market analysis reports to clients. It was great, now everyone is telling me they can't open them. PLEASE HELP
  2. I agree, having sub stacks or being able to stack stacks would be a huge benefit. I understand the use of tags but when you're dealing with 100's of potential notebooks, trying to remember a tag may be difficult. I want to use evernote for Real Estate but I find it very difficult to use, actually counter intuitive. Doesn't it make sense to create a stack first, then create or move notebooks into it? Instead I have to create two notebooks first, then merge them together to create a stack, then rename the stack. I love evernote, but you guys dropped the ball here. I run 3 businesses, I'd like to have a hierarchy Business 1 Buyers Notebooks by address Sellers Notebooks by address Templates Closed Transactions Closed Transactions 2016 notebooks by address Closed Transanctions 2015 notebooks by address Business 2 ETC... you get the idea. If you look at the hierarchy of closed transactions it goes 4 levels deep. This is an abbreviated example. I could go at least 10 levels. I hope evernote will entertain a change or come up with a solution. Tags just don't work for some businesses, for example if I had a client I sold a house to years ago but I can't recall their name or address, I wouldn't be able to find them with tags. But If I had sub stacks I could go to my closed transactions for 2005-2007 and look at the notebooks in each stack until I came across their notebook
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