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  1. I am getting error message below when I try to sync. Facebook social media has not been helpful directing me here or even to your live chat but directing me to email which I believe I did. Been about 1-2 weeks now ongoing. Premium member. I can't tell now notes or NOTEBOOKS didn't sync or even if any are syncing with this message. "To resolve this error, you can export any unsynced notes then delete them from your account. If problem persists, to o the help menu and select customer support." == I can't attach here as getting error message: You are only allowed to upload 501.
  2. I am a premium member for years. Recently started having problems with syncing. Now I'm thinking it would be wise to use not only Evernote which I pay for but also exporting my NOTEBOOKS and NOTES to an additional platform. May want to still use Evernote but start over with new NOTEBOOKS and NOTES. Can I do this? How?
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