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  1. I find that even if formatting control in Evernote is poor, it does generally honour existing formats - if you copy and paste from Word, with Headings, different fonts etc, it looks pretty much the same in Evernote, so you don't need to attach Word docs. Of course, if you need to make lots of edits to it afterwards, with complex formatting, you'll probably want to copy it back into Word to do this, and this is where it gets a bit messy. It doesn't honour all the style types. So, for example, if you have Header 1, Header 2 etc formats in Word, they look the same after posting in Evernote. When you paste it back into Word though, they are not Headers any more, just text with different colour/font/size/spacing etc
  2. A button to change the background colour would be great. But, to answer the OP question, in order to paste with no formatting (so the text looks like the existing text), use Shift-Ctrl-V instead of Ctrl-V This is not just for Evernote, but is common to most apps
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