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  1. I see, I don't mind clicking an extra button for saving; But I wish there is a "save" button in sketch mode that I can save the sketch without leaving the sketching...
  2. Hi All, Recently switching from OneNote to EverNote, much fluid user experience, kudo to the team. However, one thing that really frustrates me is the seemly lack of auto-save function for note taking. Please correct me if I am wrong, but it seems like that my sketch will be lost if I did not click the "done" button at the end of my sketching session? I once switched to a message app, then after switching back, found all my note gone...which is really frustrating. I wonder am I the only one experiencing it or is there anyway work around on this? thanks, Tim
  3. I am having the same problem...if not hitting the "done" button, then all sketch will be gone. I wonder has anyone sent out a bug fix / feature request? most, if not all, note taking / sketching app does not have such limitation.
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