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  1. I also would like to use Dragon Dictate within Evernote. It's certainly possible, at least on a Mac, to use the two systems together, and I do it all the time. But it's not a great experience by any stretch. Common Dragon features either don't work or annoying things happen -- like random letters begin to appear at the end of the dictation (lots of Ts and Os I've noticed), and the system doesn't automatically delete words after you've corrected them. Silly little things that get old really fast, and that are time consuming to repeatedly fix, and then fix again. I read in the Dragon help system that Evernote is not optimized or does not contain some programming element that is necessary for speech-recognition programs like Dragon. As a service to all of us who either can't, or would prefer not to, have to type everything when there's a great option to dictate instead... can i request that Evernote does what it needs to do so that Dragon Dictate will work well? Thanks.
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