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  1. website / credit card Confusing auto-renew

    I contacted them and they refunded me the money. Still I don't understand why they're making it so complicated. You actually need to downgrade your account which gets you thinking whether you will lose the remaining months of the current subscription or not.
  2. My premium subscription was automatically renewed and I didn't want to. I haven't received any email notifying me my subscription would renew plus I cannot figure out how to cancel it from the web site. I would like you to cancel my subscription and issue a refund please. This is my support ticket Ticket# 2149674 and my transaction number 1635000918248305. This is a disappointment for me. It feels a bit of a sneaky behaviour. I've never thought Evernote would do this to his customers. I am college student and for me every penny counts. I hope you can do something about it.