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  1. I have the same problem, this issue started from the last update 2-3 weeks ago. I even upgraded to the PREMIUM level just to find my notes, but it still is not bringing the correct notes and pdf back, instead it bringing the records that have NOTHING TO DO WITH MY SEARCH words. What is going on??? How to fix it??? I became unusable over night. I never wanted to upgrade from PLUS to PREMIUM, usually companies would add more features and then will give you an option to UPGRADE to get those new features. Here it seams that they took a feature we already have and said now it will COST more money. Not a good business strategy. Please refund the $ from PREMIUM and I want to be back to PLUS subscription with EVERNOTE working again. I've tried on Web and Desktop, both have the same issues. Please help! Thanks!
  2. We need colors! When is this feature will be added? Thanks!
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