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  1. Thanks! I didn't know you could do that. That is helpful. Although what I'm really looking for is for when I open Evernote, and see my column of different notes, for the ones that have unfinished to do's to be highlighted so I notice them right off the bat and don't have to remember to search for them.
  2. Hi, I keep a different note within my "meetings" notebook for the many different meetings I attend. In each note I am constantly using the "to do" check box to keep track of my take aways from the meeting and what I'm responsible for completing. It would be really nice if there was a feature that could be turned on that highlighted any notes that had unchecked to do boxes. This would help to make sure I don't forget to go back to a note to see what I need to do. If it was highlighted or popped up some kind of reminder when I opened Evernote I would know I still had a action item from a me
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