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  1. Thanks. Reinstalling didn't help --- and ironically, there's also some problems with submitting a bug in the native Android UI as well! I think they just need more testing on Chrome OS. Will trundle off to file that bug. Cheers!
  2. Looks like 7.1.2, per the log (below) I captured. Incidentally, on a lark I tried installing an Android PDF viewer in case that was the problem, and still no luck --- clicking PDFs results in nothing. Account Info ---------------------------------------- UserId: 153988 Email: kf6gpe@lothlorien.com Username: kf6gpe Service: https://www.evernote.com Path from DB instance: /data/user/0/com.evernote/files/user-153988/.external-1499523908395-Evernote.db Version: 120 Read only: false DB pref Path: /data/user/0/com.evernote/files/user-153988/.external-1499523908395-Evernote.db
  3. Chromebooks like the Samsung Chromebook Pro are running N. I have been able to open other PDFs using the Drive PDF viewer included with the device.
  4. Using the Android version of Evernote, I can't click and open attached PDFs. The PDF shows as an attachment in the note, but does not interact to clicks with the mouse or touches with the touch screen. This is on a Samsung Chromebook Pro I know I can use the Web version, but I really don't want to because I would like offline support and really need ink annotation of PDFs, which isn't well supported in the Web version.
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