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  1. Hi have you tried download the app directly from Evernote website? The issue had been solved in the direct-download version but not the App Store version. I'm facing the same problem and get so frustrated that I asked them for a refund and they told me to not use the app store version. It turned out they solved the problem but never bothered to tell us.
  2. No I don't. I thought that's what I paid Evernote for. So what's your point?
  3. It's hardly a good argument that a big company like Evernote offers a product to its customers with thousands of bugs. They asked money for their service, they have to do better. Talking about prioritization, they should prioritize to bring more tech staff in if they have thousands of bugs ahead of them, instead of all the promotion and sales people! And it's quite unfair to complain about complaints when all we can do is complain. Upvote for feature requests or bug fixes? I've been waiting for the same bug fix (PDF annotation with Preview on Mac) for over a year so really not counting on that.
  4. It doesn't work for me either. I tried both the address given by Kosterby and by you. If I follow Kosterby's instruction I still can't edit the pdfs in Preview, if I move the files in your address Evernote crashes...
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