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  1. I know this is way out of date but i found this thread yesterday when i was suffering a similar problem after reinstallation of Evernote on OSX. The new Evernote installation as connected and signed into my account, my account had hundreds of documents, and those were visible and sync-able between my iPhone and iPad - but not my MacBook pro. Turns out the only thing to fix the problem, was to remove Evernote (in the normal way) by deleting the package from the normal /Applications folder. This i noticed leaves residual Evernote files (and state) in the /Users/john/Library/Application Support/com.Evernote folder. Please note this folder will not be visible in your Finder unless you have hidden files enabled, but you can navigate to it in the terminal if you use quotation marks around the path : cd "/Users/john/Library/Application Support". Also replace 'john' with your username - you can verify that using the whoami command in the terminal. So to the solution: Uninstall Evernote application from OSX/mac Delete the folder /Users/john/Library/Application Support/com.Evernote using the command: rm -rf "/Users/john/Library/Application Support/com.Evernote" Reinstall Evernote Sign-in as normal Synchronisation should continue as normal, it did for me anyway after hours of troubleshooting. I think this also tallies with the earlier solution offered by the person suggesting to download an app-cleaner application. This solution, is far easier and doesn't require a new app to be installed. Hop this helps.
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