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  1. So, the most interesting thing I heard mentioned is that there may be an option for using Evernote on my computer without sending stuff to the cloud, is that right? I can do my own backups and I am willing to sacrifice the ability to have my info on different devices. Would this accomplish what I want? If I did this, would the search function and other functions originate on my computer, or will my computer still be sending info to the cloud?
  2. Thanks Jefito. That was helpful in that it confirmed what I was saying. No Zero-knowledge and yes, Evernote AND Google employees can read the information stored in people's Evernote account. Also, they go on to say they have no plans to address this issue. Now that my concerns are confirmed, I have to think twice about Evernote, which really sucks because I love it. The way Evernote should work is that everyone (at least those who care about this) should work through the desktop client. The data would then be encrypted on the desktop and all search functions etc happen on the client's computer, not the cloud. If people choose to store the data in the cloud, that is fine, but the cloud is only for encrypted storage and for using the data across different devices. Before giving up on Evernote I will look into the Saferoom plugin. FYI, here's the screenshot captured from the discussion recommended by Jefito.
  3. I'm not saying that they are looking, but I've been studying privacy a lot lately, and if they don't say zero-knowledge then the people in the company can see the data. And, like I said, if the employees can see the data, then hackers can get the data. This is why I've recently changed from dropbox to sync.com. Also, I don't want to sound like an expert in this regard, but as I said, I've been studying it. Look at Sync.com and what they say: https://www.sync.com/features/ I also like this podcast: https://privacy-training.com/podcast.html I don't want to piss Evernote off by bringing this up, because I LOVE Evernote, but I'm considering not using it because of this issue. I know there is a solution with SafeRoom Desktop, which will encrypt things before it gets to Evernote, but this seems clunky. I wish Evernote would change how they do things.
  4. If Evernote employees can see the data, which they can, hackers could get the data.
  5. Evernote has a large page convincing people of it's security. Everybody's information is secure, right? Has anyone noticed that hacking large companies data is becoming MUCH more frequent?! Today, Equifax said that it may have been hacked again. Yahoo was hacked recently releasing info on 300 billion accounts. But here's the thing, if Evernote gets compromised, you lose a LOT more than just a username and password, you lose everything! Evernote NEEDS to adopt a ZERO KNOWLEDGE encryption, meaning that not even employees of the company can see what is on people's accounts, and if someone were to hack EVERNOTE, all they would get is encrypted info. Evernote will say that that's all people would get now, but if employees can see the data, hackers will be able to see the data. The data needs to be encrypted on the desktop, and needs to stay encrypted in the cloud. No matter how good Evernote's encryption is, it will be hacked at some point. PLEASE adopt zero-knowledge!
  6. Thanks to you and DTLow for your advice. I will take it to heart.
  7. I guess this is more important to me as a new user because my goal is to become paperless. I want to scan a lot of documents in and they will all have about the same date on them. As I proceed with Evernote, and I put things in as I receive them the input date will be more relevant.
  8. Thanks. I will look into this. I know that Evernote tries to be minimalist, but some archiving function that doesn't interfere with searches seems pretty obvious.
  9. Thanks for your feedback on my different posts.
  10. I'm fairly new to Evernote, but it seems to me that one feature that would be very cool is the ability to share tags. The reason I say this is, let's say I am building a new website business that requires a lot of input from different people. If I create a shared notebook, everyone on the team can see everything in that notebook, which bogs people down with stuff they don't need to see and maybe stuff I don't want some people to see. If I create a shared notebook for my website programmer and move notes into that, how do I then also share those documents with other people who don't have access to that notebook? Complicate this by having eight projects going on at once and eight people working on those projects. Anyway, I'd rather just be able to tag a note "Andrew" and now Andrew can see it. I can add a tag for whoever is relevant to whichever note. Maybe this exists and I don't know it yet, but if it doesn't exist it should.
  11. I'm very new to EN, and after seeing this discussion my question is, "Is there a way to automatically make searches not include archive tags?" It seems to me that the whole purpose of archiving something is to remove it from searches so it doesn't get in the way of current content. So NOT including the archive items for me would be default, and then if I ever want to include archived items I would want to specify it. I don't want to have to type -tag:archived every time I do a search. Can you please set me straight on this? Thank you.
  12. I am new to Evernote and this forum, so I appreciate your help! My goal is to go paperless, but I want to make sure my notebooks and tags are set up properly before scanning everything in. So I've decided on a very simple Notebook structure of !INBOX, -CABINET, SHARED NOTEBOOKS, ARCHIVE, TRASH, and I want them listed in this order. I followed this guide to determine the symbols I should use to make the notebooks show up in the order I want them to show up. The weird thing is that they are displaying in different orders on the left sidebar versus the main display (see image). How do I fix this? Also, am I thinking right regarding using symbols to adjust the order of these notebooks? Thank you!
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