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  1. Thanks to you and DTLow for your advice. I will take it to heart.
  2. I guess this is more important to me as a new user because my goal is to become paperless. I want to scan a lot of documents in and they will all have about the same date on them. As I proceed with Evernote, and I put things in as I receive them the input date will be more relevant.
  3. Thanks. I will look into this. I know that Evernote tries to be minimalist, but some archiving function that doesn't interfere with searches seems pretty obvious.
  4. I'm very new to EN, and after seeing this discussion my question is, "Is there a way to automatically make searches not include archive tags?" It seems to me that the whole purpose of archiving something is to remove it from searches so it doesn't get in the way of current content. So NOT including the archive items for me would be default, and then if I ever want to include archived items I would want to specify it. I don't want to have to type -tag:archived every time I do a search. Can you please set me straight on this? Thank you.
  5. Yes, this worked. Thanks. By the way, I'm on a Mac.
  6. I am new to Evernote and this forum, so I appreciate your help! My goal is to go paperless, but I want to make sure my notebooks and tags are set up properly before scanning everything in. So I've decided on a very simple Notebook structure of !INBOX, -CABINET, SHARED NOTEBOOKS, ARCHIVE, TRASH, and I want them listed in this order. I followed this guide to determine the symbols I should use to make the notebooks show up in the order I want them to show up. The weird thing is that they are displaying in different orders on the left sidebar versus the main display (see image). How do I fix this? Also, am I thinking right regarding using symbols to adjust the order of these notebooks? Thank you!
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