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  1. WAHOOO!!!!!!! Update work on the Samsung/Android platform! THANKS ALL!!!!!!!!!
  2. I received this response from Evernote support: Hello Peter, Thanks for reaching out to Evernote. I understand you are unable to copy/paste on your Samsung device. Im afraid this is a issue we are currently aware of. We are working to get this fixed as quickly as possible, we expect this to be resolved in the next update. Please keep an eye out on the Google Play store for updates.
  3. I've submitted this URL and dialog exchange to Evernote tech support, will let everyone know what I hear back!
  4. HI, here's the icon (attached). I have the Uninstall/Disable app function active. You can see it won;t allow evernote to be removed...
  5. yes, it appears that Evernote was part of the Android from the factory, therefore I cannot seem to uninstall it. Android version 5.0
  6. thanks for your help. PS seems to perform a paste function. I'm using Evernote Premium/paid version 7.11 GA on a Galaxy Note 3. I just tried uninstalling updates taking it to version 5.8.5, rebooted and all my notes are gone!!! However the copy/paste is back... I'll try reinstalling the latest version now.... didn't work. Same PS and Simplify Formatting menu. i did not see an option to uninstall Evernote completely from the Galaxy, only uninstall updates (which I did above). Thanks for your help guys..
  7. I have precisely the same issue. Lost the ability to copy/paste within the body of a note on the Android platform. Please see attached image. Running android version 5.0 Can't seem to find a way to get back these basic functions.. Thank you!!!
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