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  1. Thanks, yes i noticed the clipboard is visible when on the title bar and handwriting editor . But nevertheless; the main place I need it is on the note editor. I would have to make do your temporary solution you gave me while we wait on Evernote permanent solution.
  2. @Dave-in-Decaturthanks for the link showing the solution.but it did not solve it for me. Nevertheless, donot take it personal. i never saw the solution that helped me in the post, that was y i reposted and ended the post by quoting #copied guru, this acknowledged where i got it. This not waste of time, i need a solution. Which the solution u gave in your link did not solve it for me.
  3. Thanks for your promote response.you have been of great help. But I have reinstalled and even updated the app, still to no avail. I even have the same issue on my Lenovo vibe phone and also my Samsung s6. As regards your question 'never has been a way to look at the last 20 clips in Android', see below a screen shot the possibility that 20 clip appear on the clipboard of other text app.
  4. Thanks for the reply @gazumped Well i did quote am having the issue when i use Samsung s6, not Samsung note I don't have a problem when I long press inside the empty area to paste, copy or select all option in Evernote. .[see image a screen shot 131721 attachment] my problem is the option of clipboard toolbar not appearing as an option when i long press in ever.[see image a screen shot 132437 attachment] hence if an reading an article, Evernote donot give me access to the system clipboard with the 20 most recent clipboard items. In Evernote I get nothing. looking forward to a respond. Thanks in advance for the help
  5. I've got a Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android 4.2.2, and the Evernote Android app v. I find it very difficult to select and paste text in this app. In other apps on this phone, all I have to do is long-press in a text-entry area, even an empty one, and I get a clipboard menu of some kind, ranging from a very basic Paste option, to a toolbar with Select all, Cut, Copy, and Paste options, to a more comprehensive toolbar that gives access to the system clipboard with the 20 most recent clipboard items. In Evernote I get nothing. I have to long-press on an actual word to get the clipboard toolbar to appear. If I want to paste something into a blank note, I have to type a dummy word, select it, and then choose Paste from the toolbar. Even when it appears, that toolbar does not give access to the system clipboard. It's inconvenient and a bit annoying. Beyond inconvenient to completely aggravating is the difficulty selecting multiple words. In other apps I can select a word and the text selection "handles" appear, so I can drag them to include multiple words. Every once in awhile those handles randomly appear in Evernote, but I can never get them to appear when I want them. I can't figure out what combination of long-pressing, double-tapping, or whatever is supposed to activate them. Thanks in advance for any advice that anyone can give!! #copied guru
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