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  1. Thank you I did not think of opening a support ticket. I do not nor do I want a twitter account so I will use the open a ticket. Thanks again. I really appreciate that. Dave
  2. Let's see here, the problem happened while EN was syncing between my Samsung and my account on line. The problem showed up in all my devices showing EN actually did sync but it synced bad data. It would seem to me that EN would want to get to the bottom of something like this and iron out any bugs they have in their system . But I guess the expect others to pay to use their system and help them debug it. Tat is not typical industry standards.
  3. This still does not solve the problem the arose out of a bug in their syncing program. I do not have my note back and am no longer confident that their program is that safe to use. Again if I was only trying to recover a note I accidentally lost then I could understand using their account levels to get people to upgrade, but it was their program that lost my data not something I did.
  4. OK so I upgraded my account to Plus. However, when I tried to view my history, it now tells me I have to upgrade to the Premium version. Seriously??? This is sounding more and more like ransom wear to me. I really do not have the money needed to be an EN user I guess. This is getting absolutely ridiculous. When I first started using EN years ago I could send an e-mail directly to their support even though I was not even a paid user. They would answer it as soon as they could. Everyone used it with the idea, paid subscribers would get first help. However, they did do what they could to help even those who were not paid subscribers. Now it is like they have the attitude of, "If we cannot make a buck off them then to hell with them." I can even understand if they do not provide support for people needing help in just using EN, but when it comes to a bug then it would make sense for them to do all they can to help even the free user in order to debug their program. I have about had it with EN, especially after upgrading to plus and they still will not help me recover my note.
  5. DTLow, You say I can subscribe for a single month but everything I can find requires a whole year in order to register. Do you have a link where I can subscribe for a month? Thanks. Never mind I just found it. Thanks
  6. I use the free edition. I was on my Samsung with both data and WiFi turned off. I tried to read a note in one of my folders. I did not realize both were turned off. So when it told me it did not have either access, I immediately turned my WiFi on. However, when I clicked on the note in the notebook I was wanting to open the whole note had been replaced by my network providers error screen from the internet. I tried everything I could think of to try to get my note back but it did not work. I then went out to my Evernote on my PC to see if I could recover it there. Unfortunately, EN had already updated and the error screen now populates all three of my Evernotes. My PC version, my android version and my internet version. So what can I do to get my note back and why did it do this in the first place? I can understand not allowing access with WiFi and data turned off but why was there and error message when I turned my WiFi back on. The error said the site trying to be reached was not valid. The only site that it should have been trying to reach is the one that allows my EN data to now be synced with my device. So because apparently the syncing site was not available it used whatever site that was being delivered by my internet provider to read into the note. It did not append it to the note but actually overwrote the note. HELP! Thanks Dave
  7. Actually, it is no big deal for a programmer to make it so a program can be run from a stub on the main phone. This was done clear back in the early days of MS DOS. As far as security is concerned, as long as the program stores it's data in a encrypted format then it is safe. If the program does not store it in an encrypted format on the phone then the phone is every bit as compromiseable as an SD Card. As far as an SD Card is concerned, I have done a deep study to find out the truth about them. It turns out there are thousands of non-name brand cards that have been purchased by a fly by night outfit only to reformat it and rebrand the ink on the outside to make it look like a big Miro SD card. This makes them very easy to break. The program is trying to use portions of a card that has already been verified with bad sectors. These can be used for much smaller Micro SD Cards but when they are used for bigger cards they are doomed to fail. From what I have found is the only places you should be buying from are places like Wal-Mart or New Egg or some other company that buys directly from the manufacturer. That is the only way to guarantee to get a good card. Yes you will pay more for it but the peace of mind out weighs the hazard. Next. There are many companies who write programs that take advantage of the SD card and store their main program there and their data. So this is far from a difficult task. No only has it been attempted it is being done on a regular basis. Having worked in programming for over twenty years I know it is easy to write a stub program that is installed on the main device then have it point to the card to actually load the program. The program then knows to write it's data to the Micro SD Card. Because of the memory limit, I do not run any of the heavy memory hogs you listed. There is no Android restriction or need to root the device in order to accomplish this only knowing how to be a decent programmer. I guess that is the key. The good programmers are few and far between now so we end up with sloppy code which becomes bloat ware or bugwear. The whole point is, Samsung and other Android providers constantly put really small amounts of memory on the main phone while allowing for a generous amounts of memory on the Micro SD Cards. There are many companies who know how to and have written their programs to run from the Micro SD Card. So for a corporation the size of EN or FB or Firefox not to take advantage of this shows just plain sloppiness or laziness. Anyway you look at it. if we put up with this junk programming we get what we deserve.
  8. You are correct. It does not work for everyone. I live out in the booies and do not have either a WiFi signal nor a phone signal. So if I do not have all my notes downloaded on my phone then I just do not have them at all. Apple phone provide a whole lot more base memory than Samsung phones or Android phones do. That is why Android pushes the Micro SD Card. But that does not help if the application programmers do not switch mind set to Samsung while programming. They seem to be locked in to Apple and program everything just like they would on an Apple. HERE IS A NEWS BULLETIN FOR ALL YOU PROGRAMMERS OUT THERE. APPLE IS NOT THE SAME AS ANDROID. PLEASE PROGRAM ACCORDINGLY.
  9. csihilling Yes that part is settled, however, you might want to read my next post. As far as EN people actually reading this, can you say, "FAT CHANCE." I have read through most of the threads and I have not seen them respond even to simple questions that only they can answer. So I am not holding my breath, I will not upgrade until they fix the memory problem. Why upgrade when the main reason to upgrade is to have the notebooks available off line but then the data will not load into my Micro SD Card and immediately fills what is left on my on board memory? What is the advantage of that?
  10. Actually, If Evernote makes it so that their program will load in extended memory I will purchase the higher level. However, it is such a memory hog I cannot do that on my measly little Samsung phone. Why don't programmers realize their program is not the only program people want to run on our devices? EN loads the whole program into main memory. After loading EN it knocks my memory down and I keep getting messages telling me I am running low on memory. I had been involved with designing programs for over twenty years and I know they can write it so the lions share of the program can be loaded and run from the extended memory. All they have to do is create a stub that runs from the main memory but then it goes out and runs the actual program from extended memory. Then have the program look to the Extended memory for it's data. This is not rocket science and I know for a fact it CAN BE DONE! Why bother writing a program for a device that does not take complete advantage of that devices capabilities? What I am requesting would require such a small change in the program coding that there is absolutely no reason NOT to do it.
  11. It was part of the message. Every time it came up that wording was still there.
  12. Actually what was so confusing about it is the line on the bottom of the top section that states: "Not available off line 25KB" This makes it look like that notebook is not available. Yes it is an add but it seems to be saying. "You do not have access to this notebook but if you want to have access off line then upgrade." Knowing that I had WiFi access would tell me the pages is saying, "Evernote detects that you are not online so you cannot access this notebook but if you upgrade you can access it all the time. They could change it to say something along the lines of, "You can access this notebook now because you are on line. However, if you want to be able to access it even when you are offline then upgrade. If you want to upgrade click here. If you want continue on to your notebook, click here." That would tell me the notebook is not being blocked and I can continue just by clicking the continue button.
  13. If that screen is an add, it is very misleading. When you look at the wording on the bottom it says unavailable. The whole gist of the screen seems to say this is not available and I need to upgrade to get it off line. This was displayed every time I tried to access this folder. Now having said that, Evernote this morning is behaving just as it always has while I was using my I-pod. It is no longer displaying this screen when I try to access my notebooks. So I guess what you are saying, that this screen was an add must have been true in spite of the fact it was not allowing me to access this particular note book. I can now access all my notebooks even though nothing had changed between yesterday and today? Thanks everyone for responding to my issue. I really appreciate that. Everything is great now. Thanks again, Dave
  14. gazumped I know all that. I have been a user of EverNote now for several years. The only difference now is I have switched from using an Apple I-pod to using a Samsung cell phone. The I-pod cannot make phone calls and can only access the web through WiFi. On the phone though it can access the web either through the phone service being used by the phone or by WiFi. If you turn on your data it uses the phone account which allows connection to the web without having a WiFi signal and still uses this account even when WiFi is available. So in order not to incur phone costs when a WiFi signal is available then one needs to turn their data off. That is the situation I am in now. I live in the boonies and have no cell phone signal at all. However, I do have WiFi in my home and I use this to access the internet with all my devices, including my Roku, laptop, cell phones and my I-pod. Hope this helps you understand what it going on. Evernote for some reason sees the cell data is turned off and thinks I am off line. This is in spite of being totally connected through WiFi.
  15. On phones they allow you to turn off your your data which is transferred through your phone subscription account. However, they then force any access to go only through WiFi so you do not incur used minutes against your phone account. I have data turned off to force the use of WiFi on my phone. In this mode I can surf the web without using any of my phone minutes. Yes my WiFi is still turned on and I can access the web with no problems. The only problem I am having is EverNote does not see me using WiFi but every other application I use that accesses the internet has no problems at all. Besides that I am sitting here in my living room right next to my WiFi modem with a good signal. So in reality, EverNote should be allowing access to all my notes because I am connected through WiFi.
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