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  1. Hello Using Evernote (304720) on Windows 7 Pro 64Bit. We started getting a sync error recently. I looked at the logs & could see it is a particular note giving a Permission Denied error. If you search for the note (on the heading "Notebook" search magnifing glass, it is found, and says it is in the Artworks 2016 Notebook. If you search the Artworks 2016 Notebook itself, it is not found. The note will not delete. If you move it to trash, nothing really happens. It does not go to trash. It does however have a padlock icon top right saying it is deleted. I tried moving it to another notebook, but that created a copy and did not shift the original. I created a new note and then merged. This resulted in the original and merge result both becoming undeletable. Help, the apocalypse has begun!
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