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  1. I'm on new machine so it should be ok then. So in your Mail app you just have mails from today? And inbox zero process is to archive it to EN?
  2. Hmm, so when I add attachment to note it's already encrypted? I can make .doc file with my passwords and they'll be 100% safe in EN?
  3. Do you archive all your emails to Evernote? Even stuff like apple invoices, payment confirmations, receipts (something that you may use in future, to find transaction details for example)? One mail in one note? I have about 3-5k mails to archive. Currently 2k notes so it will be about 7k notes, do you think performance will decrease?
  4. My goal is to store everything in EN. Even if I have to look at just 2 sources (for example Evernote and Google Docs). I see few notes in EN, different ones in Google. I don't remember which are where. I don't see bigger picture what notes I own. It's a mess. So now I'm attaching Google files to Evernote, link local folders to Evernote, move emails to Evernote, etc. Trying to keep everything in one place. If not stored in EN, then just indexed. Wondering how far can I go with it. I use 1Password for storing passwords, licenses, credit card infos, sensitive notes and ID's. Like as Google Docs - one more place to search. Of course login passwords will stay there forever. I can log in faster, that's okay. I think credit cards details should be there too for more security. But what about app licenses, notes and scans of ID's? Should I move them to EN? Is it safe enough to keep these type of notes? I know there is a encrypt function, but then its harder to access it and I think it's not searchable. How do you deal with it?
  5. You store everything in Evernote? Whatever you want to find you go to Evernote? (If not stored then referenced) Could you tell me more about your script how it works and how can I do the same?
  6. I have a quick question about Mails and Evernote. When I get important email I forward it to Evernote. Should I delete that email then since it's already stored (for long) in EN? If I archive that email it takes space in two places then and I can forget what's already forwarded. Not perfect. When I delete, it might be harder to reply (if needed). How you do it?
  7. I'm currently at 1.2k notes and almost 10GB of storage in total. 60x150MB is more than my needs but the problem is that everything is on my disk (even on iPhone, right?). Not good. So I think it's not a great idea to store this large video files, but what you think about screenshots and photos? I wanted to have everything in one place. For instances when I feel depressed I want to have all my "success" in one place to check them out and improve my mood. - greatful email from a client - screenshot of mine best project, etc. - video of my doughter first steps - photo of my car or something. Maybe I should optimize these photos/screenshots (some screenshots of my screen are 10MB+ bacause of 5K screen) and store originals on Google Drive/Dropbox? And mention original file location in that note? That looks like a lot of work, not sure if its worth it.
  8. Hey guys, Some people say to use Evernote to store just notes. I'm wondering what will happen if I have few thousands of these larger files like photos, screenshots, or some quick videos. Everything under 200mb. Will it lag or run smooth? Anyone have experience with it? I don't want to store all my photos or screenshots in Evernote. But all important ones. For example "Motivation Zone" tag with all these things, like my new car, screenshot of greatful message, etc. Also I have lots of iPhone screen recordings (30-150mb). Should I keep it in google drive and then reference to it in Evernote? I think its a lot more work than to do it this way... Thanks
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