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  1. Thanks, yes, this does help. Is there a way to completely control this with keyboard shortcuts? I can get to the search textbox via Ctrl ⌘ E, but are there also a keyboard shortcut to pull up the "Add Search Options" and link tags / notebooks to the search query?
  2. I am switching from PC to Mac and am having trouble with searing in Evernote on Mac. Specifically, I heavily use the ability to search for note text within multiple tags. On Evernote for PC, this is simple -- I just use the search field above the notes list:) For some reason I am not finding this option in Evernote for Mac: Is there a setting I need to turn on? Or is this functionality accomplished in a different way on Evernote for Mac? I realize that this could possibly be done using an advanced search string, but the problem with this is that it doesn’t autocomplete the tags as you add them. Any thoughts?
  3. I also have this same question -- and for the same reason. Has Evernote added the ability to search only the first page of a pdf when searching notes? Messing around with encrypting parts of the pdf is not practical. I have 500+ papers in my Evernote notebook, and I want to be able to quickly pull up a certain paper with a simple search (instead what I get is that paper plus every paper that has cited it). Thanks
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