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  1. I'll also offer a +1 for this feature. I put todo items in my notes and have a search that shows me a list of all notes with unchecked boxes. I like being able to have my todos in the context of the meeting I'm taking notes on, for instance. Or to have the todo in a note with all the related emails, web pages and comments that I'm gathered so far to carry out the todo action. So I want to be able to search for notes with unchecked boxes ( I can do this) and then within the note search for the unchecked box to see the details of what I need to do next. Often a note where I record the outcomes of a recurring meeting will have many checked boxes for completed todos and a few unchecked boxes for the uncompleted ones. I'd like to be able to find the unchecked ones without scanning the note visually.
  2. I make a separate note for each todo item. I tag the item with a tag that identifies which todo list this is a part of. For each todo list I create a saved search todo:false tag:listname. The results of the search don't look like a list each on one line, but it does the job.
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