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  1. I think the outlining solution that would feel most natural and valuable to me is simply to present all headings as nodes in a tree (the heading levels give the structure) and the ability to expand/collapse certain levels. This would give users: 1) a really simple way to create outline items (we're already doing it), 2) an excellent overview of the contents of the note, 3) a really convenient and fast way to navigate the note, and 4) a really good way to focus only on what you are working on now. It feels like the most natural progression from having styles available because this leverages information already in the document - no need to create artificial outline items.
  2. Yes pls on all platforms. I'd like to add the following HUGE benefits: On mobile apps minimizing the number of taps on the screen unrelated to authoring your notes is crucial - e.g. to change to a style I use for heading 1 in my notes I have to tap 2+ times for every setting of font, size, and type face (bold) = 6+ taps (minimum before I can write a single word) Keeping your notes looking consistent and according to your chosen styles - I keep finding that I change from one note to an older note and the fonts and sizes I've used are different, so EVERNOTE please realise that it's not the actual size or type face that is important here, it's being able to style notes consistently! I am fickle (I find most users are). I quite like the idea of being able to apply consistent styling to a group of notes and then to be able to tweak the styling of that group of notes as a whole - other applications call it "stationary" or "templates".
  3. The table formatting enhancements are very welcome indeed. I think it's one of the big ticket items I've been waiting for for a long time. The other (top 2) item I've been waiting for since I started using Evernote Premium, is the addition of styles. I don't want to select the font and font size for a heading 1 in every single note and have to remember what the style was I used in the other notes. And I'd like to be able to have different set of styles for different groups of notes. This is not rocket science guys. Is there a product roadmap published somewhere, where the public can be allowed to vote for the upcoming features?
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