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  1. Still it is good to bring back the table of Contents, without limitations to number of tagged notes. I use it ofter to organize my knowledge base in evernote.
  2. I think that a solution for them would be to enable users to operate on "local notebooks" as easily as one operates on cloud-based ones. This would solve of problem I described and the sensitivity on content security (which I am not sure if it is 100% private).
  3. We are in sync! I think that it is a policy! Not clear why.. Hopefully it is not because they will introduce it as a new feature and ask for more money. I am a paid customer, but would like to save read and highlighted versions of every web page I try to save; not just email them. I am pretty sure it is an "idiotic" mistake on behalf of Evernote. I love the program very much and use it a lot, but the limitation described here, limits its reach and usability and if an alternative program shows up that solves this limitation, I will start using that!
  4. I think that I was rather clear: I am connected to internet; but it often happens that companies block access to evernote.com address from their company network. I could still use the Web Clipper though as it is a desktop application, if it did not try to access the evernote.com site in order to download the list of my notebooks and tags. This is an unnecessary activity. Webclipper should only look at the notebooks I have locally on my computer; and the same for tags.
  5. Web Clipper is very useful, but currently in order to save a web page, it can only work if it can save it directly into a notebook on the cloud. But most companies block the access to evernote site; and thus directly block the use of web clipper at work. Recommendation: It should only save the web page nto a Notebook on the computer. When the computer then or later is connected to the Cloud (evernote account), syncrhonization between desktop and cloud account should happen. Seems an easy fix. This is a basic feature and is implemented in all cloud synchronized applications (icloud, google drive; box, dropbox, etc).
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