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  1. When I am annotating a pdf file in Evernote for Mac, if I then return to the note in which the pdf is stored to type something, the annotation window for the pdf disappears. If I then want to return to where I was up to in the pdf, I have to scroll down to find it. This means I can't annotate a pdf and type in my note in parallel.
  2. When I drag and drop a new file into a note, if the file is large it is pretty inconvenient to have to scroll all the way back to the top and then right-click to collapse the file ("view as attachment"). I think it would make more sense to automatically view files as attachments, and then have a button that uncollapses the file so it can be viewed in full if desired. I tend to keep a lot of long pdf files (e.g., scientific papers) in single notes as a way of organising literature on a particular topic. This feature would make this process a lot easier! Thanks!
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