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  1. When I look online they are the same as my phone notes - still missing notes made
  2. It shows the notes have sync'd - whether or not they have sync'd they shouldn't disappear! I also have full cellular service with unlimited data so I shouldn't require internet access to sync
  3. I've always used evernote only on my phone - I'm using an IPhone 6 plus. Out of all the years I've been using it, I've only used my phone.
  4. I travel ALOT for my job 3-4 hours to visit locations and I DEPEND on evernote with what I'm noting in each location. I've had AT LEAST 3 locations I've added notes for to only open the note and find all of my notes I made completely gone! This has happened SEVERAL times over the last 3 weeks I'm ready to delete this app and find another source I can depend on. EXTREMELY ANNOYED AND DISAPPOINTED.
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